About Us

Walters Land Surveying Company, LLC (WLSCO, LLC) (FIRM No. 101306-00) comes from small humble beginnings that has grown to serve Texas for over thirty years providing professional land surveying services to a variety of different clients and markets within the industry. Established in 1987, our legacy and reputation has created strong client relationships along with trusted partnerships that delivers excellent customer service through cost and time savings.

Our client's goals and needs for their projects are important to us, and as a small firm our clients receive personalized service to meet their specific needs. Using a team with over 80 years of combined surveying experience, continuing to advance our equipment while maintaining a strong professional network, each job gets the attention it needs to be successful.

Our Mission Statement

Walters Land Surveying Company, LLC is committed to protecting the property rights of our clients through accurate and professional land surveying practices. Placing the interest of the public above all others, we strive to faithfully, impartially, and honestly perform all the duties of a licensed professional land surveyor.

  • Patrick L. Walters

    Partner / RPLS# 4614

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  • Cheryl L. Walters

    Parnter / RPLS# 6298

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  • Chad W. Walters

    Partner / RPLS# 6899

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  • Hilary D. Walters


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  • Alexandra S. Brown

    Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Operator

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  • Gabrielle B. Parrish

    Office Administrator

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  • Jocelyn Woolf

    Survey Party Chief

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